How to Get Started 
Congratulations! You are so close to becoming an Online Travel Business Owner and being able access to our amazing Travel Program! You get all the training provided, and will receive your own personalised booking website, where you can earn the commissions on any future bookings you make.

Getting started is really easy, it takes 5-10 mins. Please click the link below to get all set up. Below you will see a break down of 9 steps to follow to help you. When you have enrolled, I will add you to the 24/7 support groups, and help you with the next steps!
Step 1: Click this link 
Step 2: Make sure the correct flag is selected in the top right corner
(UK, USA or Mexico). 

Step 3: Click
YOUR PRODUCT, scroll down and click

Step 4: Scroll down again and click

Step 5: Make sure the country flag is correct.

Step 6: Enter your SNN/ NI Number and click submit when
all completed.

Step 7: Complete payment information and click

Step 8: WELCOME! You will receive an email with your
login details and personalised website. 


This is just the start of an amazing journey.
I am excited to be apart of it! 
Contact me and I will send you the next steps!

Lots of love, 

Charlotte xo
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